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Learning from good ePractice

Containing 284 detailed case reports with advanced search facilities on the use of Information and Communication Technology to promote: work and skills, the digital SME, social inclusion, regional development.

If you need to take decisions or contribute to using new technology in any of these domains, as business adviser, policy maker, project manager, human resource manager, regional policy adviser, charity manager, etc., you will find much to learn and inspire in the Beep Knowledge System.

Five different ways of searching for a case

This database is designed to be easy to use if you are a new user, but also very sophisticated for the experienced user or someone who is looking for very specific types of case.

Point to one of the icons above for more explanation and click to access the search option.

Or enter the Objective Search below:
A simple example of the knowledge map search, based on the major objectives used by decision makers in each of the four domains.

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Surrey Police Information System (UK)
An intranet solution, with high level security, has not only improved performance through faster and more effective knowledge sharing, but has been cost-effective and image enhancing. ...Click here to read more

Objective Search

Objective search is a search answering the question “what do you want to achieve?”. If you want to see all cases in a Domain, select all Objectives in that Domain. You can view individual definitions of Domains and Objectives by clicking on them.

Work & SkillsThe Digital SMESocial InclusionRegional Development
To improve skills and competencies
To improve work structures and processes
To improve the quality of working life and working environment
To improve networking
To improve innovation within an organisation
To improve the effectiveness of human and knowledge resources
To improve the effectiveness of B2B and B2C tools
To improve access to information for all
To improve ICT training
To improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups
To improve awareness raising
To improve territorial identity and structure
To improve regional economic development
To improve regional social cohesion
To improve regional environmental sustainability

    Select a search method:
    Match on all Objectives (AND)You will only get cases which cover all the selected objectives.
    Thus the more boxes you select the less cases you get
    Match on all Objectives (OR)You will get all the cases that cover at least one of the selected objectives.
    Thus the more boxes you select the more cases you get

Whatever the challenge, the probability is that somewhere, someone has already overcome it. Such is the dynamic of our rapidly evolving Information Society


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