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Knowledge Map

The Beep Knowledge Map is based on the Domain hierarchy. There are, at present, 4 Domains in Beep:

  1. Work and skills

  2. The digital SME

  3. Social inclusion

  4. Regional development
Each Domain is divided into Objectives (What do you want to achieve), and each Objective is further sub-divided into Key Factors (How to achieve it). In the Knowledge Map you search for cases at Key Factor level. You can view individual definitions, background materials and generic best practice syntheses of Domains, Objectives and Key Factors by clicking on them.

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 ObjectiveKey Factor
To improve skills and competenciesEmployer support for continuous learning
Increased number of employees undertaking training
Provision of learning
Critical skills ownership
To improve work structures and processesCollaborative working
Management of organisational knowledge
Participation in decision making
Business processes
More innovative organisational structures
To improve the quality of working life and working environment Worker involvement and autonomy
Workplace environments
Increased flexibility of work patterns
 ObjectiveKey Factor
To improve networkingUse of ICT networks
Supply chains
Consumer networks
Use of networks for collaboration.
To improve innovation within an organisationInnovation of products and services
Integration of business processes
To improve the effectiveness of human and knowledge resourcesUse of knowledge resources
Matching of human resources to business needs
Use of financial transaction tools
Business management
To improve the effectiveness of B2B and B2C toolsMarketing
Business strategies
Use of e-transaction tools
 ObjectiveKey Factor
To improve access to information for allAccessibility and usability of ICT
Reduction in overall costs
Compliance with standards and legislation
To improve ICT trainingAccess to ICT in schools
Training of trainers
Educational resources
ICT training programmes
To improve the quality of life for vulnerable groupsOpportunities for women
Support for the elderly
Support for the disabled
Support for the unemployed
Support for ethnic minorities
Support for low income households
Government support for social cohesion and quality of life
To improve awareness raisingAdoption of e-inclusion policies
Networking between support organisations
Awareness of support activities
 ObjectiveKey Factor
To improve territorial identity and structureImproved regional identity
Regional policy, strategy and planning
Regional governance and institutional framework
Transport infrastructure and services
Regional physical infrastructure and services
Regional ICT infrastructure and services
Government support for territorial identity and structure
To improve regional economic developmentRegional economic investment and performance
Regional economic structure and business activity
Regional knowledge infrastructure
Regional innovation and R&D;
Regional human capital
Regional economic policy
Government support for economic development
To improve regional social cohesionRegional social and community services
Regional quality of life
Regional social capital
Regional inclusion
Regional social policy
Government support for social cohesion and quality of life
To improve regional environmental sustainabilityMore effective use of regional resources
Cleaner and safer regional environments
Regional emergency and disaster response
Regional natural environment
Regional environmental policy
Government support for environmental sustainability

    Select a search method:
    Match on all Objectives (AND)You will only get cases which cover all the selected Key Factors.
    Thus the more boxes you select the less cases you get
    Match on any Objective (OR)You will get all the cases that cover at least one of the selected Key Factors.
    Thus the more boxes you select the more cases you get


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