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Please give us feedback!

The Beep Knowledge System is under constant development and we would be very grateful if you could spare some time to provide us with feedback based upon your experiences with the system. We have prepared a short form below with standard answers for a quick response, but would most appreciate your personal comments either in the bottom box or by e-mail to
What would best describe the role in which you would use the Beep Knowledge System
1. Employer
2. Business Adviser
3. Project Manager
4. Administrator (government)
5. Administrator (non-government)
6. Academic
7. Student
8. Other
What is your email address (this is not compulsory but would help us follow up your comments if you don't mind)
Did you find the search interface easy to navigate around (find where things were)
1. Very User-friendly
2. A little difficult, but acceptable
3. Hard to use
4. Impossible to use
What word, or words, best describe your impression of the interface.
1. Clear and Simple
2. Bright
3. Professional
4. Cluttered
5. Confusing
6. Disorganised
How quickly did you find the information you were expecting to find.
1. Very quickly
2. In a reasonable time
3. Rather slowly
4. Very slowly
5. Only after a lot of hard work
6. Never
How would you describe the language used for instruction and guidance when using the interface.
1. Clear and easy to understand
2. Understandable but needed thinking about
3. Difficult to understand
4. Confusing
Which search tool did you find easiest to use. You may not have found the results you were hoping for but the search tool made sense to you
1. Free text
2. Keyword search
3. Objectives search
4. Knowledge Map Search
5. Advanced Search
6. Step-by-step advanced search
7. Characteristics search
Which search tool found the information you wanted most quickly.
1. Free text
2. Keyword search
3. Objectives search
4. KeyFactor Search
5. AdvancedSearch
6. Step-by-step advanced search
7. Characteristics search
After entering your query did you find the results page listing the cases easy to use
1. Easy to understand and pick a case from
2. Not enough information to make a selection from
3. Confusing
4. Too much information
How useful did you find the summary case reports
1. Not enough information to be useful
2. Some useful ideas, but I would like more
3. Quite useful
4. Very useful and worth recommending to others
5. Too detailed for me to extract useful lessons from
6. Confusing and not very clear
How useful did you find the full case reports
1. Insufficient for my needs - too superficial
2. Not very clear
3. Useful, but needs more time than I am able to spend on-line
4. Well presented and meaningful
5. Too much background information
6. Too academic to be of practical use
7. Confusing
How useful did you find the "lessons learnt" section.
1. Very useful and making a good introduction to the case
2. Useful, but I needed to read the case descriptions first before they made sense
3. Not useful at all
4.  Confusing
How useful did you find the case description of the relevant Key Factors (hyperlink from main case report)
1. Very useful
2. Too detailed
3. Not detailed enough
4. Confusing
5. Didn't find the key factor descriptions
Would you recommend the Beep Knowledge System to your colleagues.
1. Definitely, it is a useful tool
2. Possibly for interest only to see if it improves
3. No I think it would be a waste of their time
4. No I want to keep it to myself as a secret source of information

Please use this space to write any comments you may have. Please feel free to be as frank and honest as possible as we really value your feedback

Thank you for taking the time to complete our feedback form.


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